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The implant surface and long-term survival

With decades of research under her belt, Professor Ann Wennerberg has been established as one of the foremost experts on dental implant surfaces. Her recent systematic review evaluates the reported survival rate and marginal bone loss of implants with modified surfaces, including Nobel Biocare’s TiUnite implant surface, after 10 years or longer.1 Here, she goes into […]

X-Guide™ empowered by DTX Studio™ suite

DTX Studio suite not only helps clinicians acquire and consolidate diagnostic data at their practice, it connects the dental team to collaborate on treatment efficiency. To take speed, precision and accuracy to whole new level, clinicians can plan their treatments in DTX Studio Implant and proceed to implant surgery with the very latest 3D-navigated surgery […]

Ease, speed and hygiene, all-in-one with PureSet™

Hygiene must never be compromised. Small practices and large health care facilities alike are on a mission to meet the strict standards required, and efficiency is an important consideration in achieving this. To serve this need, Nobel Biocare has developed a surgical kit that can help save time from surgery to sterilization. Designed for automated cleaning and […]

Practice Resource Center – Building a bright future together with your colleagues and staff

Increasing competition in the dentistry is putting virtually every dental practice under heightened pressure these days. Each member of the treatment team—both inside and outside the practice—manages a wide variety of crucial challenges at every step of the patient’s journey. Drawing on Nobel Biocare’s vast experience and resources, the company offers easily available, valuable tools […]

Retreating complications and failures in dental medicine : Dr Giorgio Tabanella

H Dr. Giorgio Tabanella is a Rome-based periodontist and implantologist who has lectured internationally and been published in a range of peer-reviewed journals. He is also the author of a recent compendium, comprised of four DVDs in three languages with detailed English booklets, titled Decision Making for Retreatment of Failures in Dental Medicine. This compendium details […]

Natural esthetics and soft-tissue harmony: Growing together with a ceramic solution

Soft-tissue friendly for esthetic excellence NobelPearl is a unique alternative to titanium. A one-hundred percent metal-free, two-piece ceramic implant solution with a cement-free internal connection, it has been designed to support natural soft-tissue appearance. Its white zirconia material is especially beneficial in patients with a thin mucosal biotype.1Microcirculatory dynamics in peri-implant mucosa around zirconia have […]

A word with Dr. Oded Bahat, Winner of the AAP Master Clinician Award

The renowned clinician and dedicated researcher reflects on current trends in dentistry and lessons he learned throughout his clinical career. Dr. Oded Bahat has been contributing to dental implantology through new and innovative concepts and ideas for craniofacial development. For his impressive body of work, he recently received the Master Clinician Award from the American […]

Dental implant surface treatments: What you need to know

Titanium has been long established as the standard bearer for dental implant material. However, when considering the factors that can affect dental implant success both long and short term, one of the most crucial is undoubtedly the implant’s surface. Why dental implant surface matters At first glance, titanium might seem a strange choice for dental […]